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How Hard Is It To Switch IT Companies?

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written by paul bush posted on November 9, 2020

How Hard Is it to Switch IT Companies?

Are you thinking of parting ways with your current IT services provider? Are you worried about the risks? Here’s how you can be prepared for the change.

IT is arguably the foundation of your entire organization. These days, virtually all businesses depend on their IT infrastructure for their daily activities. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your IT services provider can keep up with all your present and future needs as well. What good is investing in all the latest technology if your IT partner can’t handle it properly? To reap full benefits from your IT assets, you need a capable IT team behind you.

At OneSource Technology, we’ve been delivering reliable IT solutions to businesses across Kansas and Oklahoma for quite some time now. Well, we’ve noticed a common problem. Many business owners have grown tired of their underperforming IT service provider. You won’t believe some of the shocking stories we hear. And although they all have different concerns, the bottom line is, they are ready to cut ties with their current IT Company.

So, why don’t they go ahead and switch to another managed IT services provider? For many business owners, switching IT firms simply isn’t worth the hassle. According to them, it’s a risky move with little reward. Aside from all the possible dangers during the transition, how do you know you won’t end up with a technology partner just as bad as the last one? Or maybe even worse. You see, it’s not so simple after all.

We understand that parting ways with your current IT services provider can be disruptive and even risky. Why? Your IT services company has administrative access to your entire network, meaning your relationship is by no means trivial. If you decide to switch, you have to do it strategically. You need all the relevant information to ensure your transition doesn’t hit any avoidable snags. We put this article together to guide you on what you need to know to make the best decision for your organization.

When Should You Consider Switching IT Companies?

Before you think about anything else, you need to make sure switching technology partners is in your best interest. You need to evaluate your current MSP to determine if they are doing what they should be doing. How? We made a list of critical questions to help you assess your IT Company’s performance. That said, we know you might have picked up on some of the red flags already. But in case you missed any, try answering the following questions:

  • Are You Constantly Paying Extra Fees? Are you always receiving invoices with extra charges added on? Although the IT field changes rapidly, your IT Company shouldn’t use this to justify selling you unnecessary additional services. Instead, you need an MSP that keeps you abreast of all the latest technological advancements by advising you on strategically. Their main interest should be helping you minimize costs while optimizing output.
  • Do You Wait Too Long for Help? How long does it take your IT Company to get back to you? Do you have to hunt them down for days before getting any help? You should find an IT service provider that provides timely solutions. Each second, an IT issue puts you out of business, you lose valuable income.
  • Do You Have Chronic IT Issues? Does your business suffer regular disruptions and agonizingly long downtimes? We think we know why. Your current MSP might provide “solutions” that don’t target the actual cause of your issues. That’s why you’re always experiencing the same old problems. Your MSP could be highly responsive, but what good is it if you need them all the time?
  • Are You Unfamiliar With Your IT Team? Do you see a new face every time you call in a technician? Could it be due to a high turnover rate? It doesn’t matter what the reason is. IT support that is unfamiliar with your network can’t be trusted to manage it properly. How would they know and address your organization’s unique needs when they send a different technician every time?

Have you answered yes to any of the questions above? If so, it’s time to switch to a new MSP. But before starting the transition process, you need to be on the lookout for possible risks.

What Risks Are You Likely to Encounter When Switching IT Companies?

  • Network Downtime: This is possibly the primary concern. Transitions that aren’t well-thought-out could result in extended downtimes and substantial financial losses.
  • Loss or Corruption of Files: Nobody wants the struggle of tracing files that have gone missing during the transition between IT Companies. On the other hand, misconfigurations can change your records into illegible forms.
  • Hostile IT Companies: Don’t just assume your current MSP will support your decision to move on. Ensure they don’t cause any deliberate harm to your network or create backdoors.

Now you’ve got a handle on the risks you need to be aware of. How do you prepare your business for such a drastic change?

What Are the Best Practices When Switching IT Companies? To switch IT Companies successfully with minimal disruptions to your business, follow these steps:


  • Time the Switch Accurately: Once you have identified the best prospective MSP, don’t terminate your agreement with your current IT Company until the new one is properly in place.
  • Take Control of Your Network: Ask your current MSP to grant you complete administrative access to your whole system.
  • Conduct a Security Review: Your newly chosen MSP should carry out an exhaustive review of your network and close any backdoors created by your current MSP.
  • Have Secure Data Backups: This is important to avoid accidental omissions or deletions.
  • Communicate the Change: Ensure your employees are aware of the transition. Also, notify your current IT partner of your decision to move on only after taking all the necessary precautions.



Today, most small and medium companies in Kansas and Oklahoma turn to outsourced IT solutions to keep up with the ever-evolving technological changes. However, a small percentage still chooses to work with their internal IT departments to support their IT operations. Although working with your internal team offers you advantages such as better product understanding, outsourcing IT solutions enable you to remain competitive. It also frees up your time to focus on more strategic goals that grow your revenue.

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