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Change the World, One Network at a Time!

written by paul bush posted on March 7, 2015

A Message from CEO Paul Bush

Wichita KS Computer Services

You have hopes and dreams for your business – and those hopes and dreams require technology that truly works for you. While a lot of IT companies provide pre-packaged bundles of services, I know that cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work for everyone. It’s all about the service delivery model – you need more than an IT company that closes tickets and pushes patches, you need an IT company that finds the right mix of products, services, and solutions for you.

In 1998, I set out to start the IT company I believe businesses deserve. I’ve always had an interested in technology – and I know how much businesses depend on technology to achieve their goals. My team has a unique approach; we take steps every day to help our clients:

  • Increase productivity among your staff
  • Reduce costs and avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Meet short and long term goals and aspirations

How do we do this? I assign one of my knowledgeable technicians to each and every client – and I work alongside that technician to create and manage an appropriate strategy that works, whether we’re implementing a new technology or creating processes to improve the way their business operates – it’s all customized for you!

You Need Technology Experts, But More Than That, You Need Business Experts That Understand How to Make Technology WORK for YOU!

How can someone make technology work for your business, if they’re not an expert in business? I have a broad range of business experience that extends far beyond technology – from finance and accounting to credit management to project management to education, I know what it takes to make technology work for you – helping you see the true value in what we do.

Our Tag Line Says It All: Change the World, One Network at a Time!

You strive to improve the lives of your clients – and we do the same; striving to change the world, one network at a time.

Paul Bush
CEO & President
OneSource Technology

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