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written by paul bush posted on March 7, 2015

OneSource Technology – the top IT support company in Wichita, KS.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as technology that works perfectly, all the time, with no issues – and regardless of how proactive we are, sometimes viruses happen, computers crash, and software stops working as it should.

How do you deal with issues like this? First and foremost, don’t waste your time on a slow-moving, unresponsive hotline.

OneSource Technology offers onsite and remote IT support that’s reliable – giving you the fast response times needed when IT issues arise. Interested in learning more? Call us at (316) 788-1372 or send us an email at solutions@onesourcetechnology.com.

IT Consulting

We’ve all been there before: you come into the office and find your computer not working, or worse, a server’s crashed and you can’t get any work done – so you call your IT guy and he puts you on hold or tells you he’ll call you back. Our IT support is different – we help you get through any technology troubles without delay.

How does our IT support work? Simple: we make sure you and your staff members can get back to work as we:

  • Stay available around-the-clock via phone, email or our online ticketing system.
  • Provide quick response times wherein we get started ASAP to get you back to work.
  • Speak in plain, easy-to-understand terms you understand – no confusing tech-talk.
  • Be personable and friendly throughout all interactions with you and your staff.
  • Track support requests via a ticketing system that lets you know what’s happening.
“One Source to the rescue.”

“Three years ago, I thought I could handle my computer needs. I like playing inside computers, adding hard drives, RAM, programs. I successfully (at least I thought I was successful) set up my own Peer to Peer network. I had a problem though, I didn't know what I didn't know.  Two years ago, I started using Microsoft Small Business Server, and quickly got over my head. OneSource came to my rescue, and then I started learning what I didn't know. I found how much I limited my company by my practices, they have helped me free up my time to be more productive in what I do best, and they helped me raise my horizons to what my network was capable of. OneSource backs up my data; scans my email for spam; maintains my server integrity; provides onsite service; and provides remote service.  I can recommend OneSource for any computer related repair, without any reservation.”

Greg Fox , Realty World Alliance

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Don’t settle for IT guys who make you wait all day, speak in tech-talk you don’t understand, and don’t fix the issue right the first time. Call us at (316) 788-1372 or send us an email at solutions@onesourcetechnology.com – experience the level of client service you deserve.

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