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CIO Services

Expert Guidance to Help You Strategically Leverage IT for Business Growth & Success!

written by paul bush posted on March 7, 2015

How do large corporations make sure they get the best possible return on their IT investments?

Simple: they hire a chief information officer – someone who guides them through the ever-evolving, complex world of information technology; helping them create a strategic that works for their needs. But CIOs are expensive, especially for small to mid-size businesses.

OneSource Technology helps you get all the benefits of a CIO – without the sky-high cost. We offer virtual CIO (vCIO) services to help you make IT work for your unique needs. Call us at (316) 788-1372 or send us an email: solutions@onesourcetechnology.com.

CIO Services

Do you want to use your IT budget wisely and get the most value for your money? Of course you do! Technology is expensive – we get that; that’s why we offer vCIO services that help you use technology to better grow and succeed:

  • Create a long-term IT strategy that’s focused on helping you adopt cost-effective technologies to improve business operations.
  • Guide you on strategic, wise IT investments and budgeting to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money.
  • Plan for technology refreshes in the short and long term to avoid surprise costs and unexpected equipment failures.
  • Review your IT strategy on a regular basis – sitting down with you to discuss how your technology is working and find new ways to improve the way you use IT.

We’ll assign one of our knowledgeable engineers to be your point-of-contact – visiting your office and working with your staff members to better understand your needs, goals, and challenges – allowing us to ensure your IT strategy works for you.

“The Transition Was Seamless”

“The transition to OneSource was seamless. The price is fair and most importantly make sense. They work hard monthly to keep our business instead of using contracts. They are personable and efficient. These are just a few reasons why we are so glad we made the switch to OneSource Technology”

Rachel Getchell, Woodlawn United Methodist Church

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Need an IT services company that offers a more personalized approach to information technology? OneSource Technology’s vCIO services help you leverage IT to promote business growth and success!

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