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Is Upgrading to Windows Server 2016 The Best Move for Your Business?

written by paul bush posted on January 8, 2016

Windows ServerWhat exactly are IT pros expecting with the rollout of Windows Server 2016? What would make it a valuable upgrade? For one thing, they’re hoping for greater Hyper-V functionality – but that’s not all. A recent Spiceworks Survey asked which features are most enticing to IT pros:

  • 31% said enhanced Microsoft Hyper-V functionality
  • 20% said enhanced PowerShell functionality
  • 19% said enhanced security features

So how much of that is actually coming? The new release includes Nano Server (which delivers speed, agility, and lower resource consumption), Windows containers, AD DS (Active directory domain services), and new Remote Desktop services.

The latest buzz has been about Windows containers, which allow isolation of applications from other underlying OS variables. This improves the reliability of your niche applications. Think of it as a to-go box, with a customized order just for you. Still, this upgrade may not give decision makers the green light to migrate from their existing infrastructure:

  • Most organizations are comfortable with their current Windows Server offerings.
  • Best practices indicate that many prefer to wait until Microsoft irons out the bugs with their products, as every new release has its fair share of problems during initial launch.

Making a major upgrade is never an easy task, and there are often several variables at play. For one, Microsoft is rapidly moving all of their bread and butter into the cloud. They’re deeply invested in the cloud, and they’re hoping customers will be too. With licensing talks on the horizon, there may even be a change in how much they decide to charge per core.

Meanwhile, security services provider NetCraft has found that more than 600,000 web-facing systems, hosting millions of websites, are still running Windows Server 2003. OneSource Technology urges existing Windows Server 2003 users to strongly considering upgrading to a new server to avoid security vulnerabilities and other possible complications.

It’s crucial that your business makes the best strategic decision for your unique needs, and OneSource Technology is eager to help. Our team will answer your questions about Windows Server 2016 the help you make best decisions when it comes to licensing, buying, and upgrading. Contact us at solutions@onesourcetechnology.com or (316) 788-1372 to give your business the best odds for success.

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