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written by paul bush posted on March 10, 2015

When it comes to information technology, every business has unique needs depending on their security requirements, industry-specific regulations, and more.

How do you make sure you’re getting the right IT services for your business? You work with an IT services company that specializes in serving your industry.

OneSource Technology specializes in meeting the IT needs of businesses in the legal, healthcare, and accounting industries. Call us at (316) 788-1372 or send us an email: solutions@onesourcetechnology.com to learn more.

Wichita IT Services

OneSource Technology – the top IT consulting company in Wichita, KS.

Trust our team of IT professionals – we’re devoted to solving the challenges faced by your unique industry:

Healthcare Organizations

HIPAA, HITECH, and Meaningful Use – they’re confusing, but they can truly make or break your organization. We’ll:

  • Protect patients’ electronic protected health information with proper safeguards.
  • Keep applications and systems safe from harm with comprehensive security.
  • Ensure staff members can stay productive with minimal IT issues or downtime.


Most day-to-day activities are done on a computer, so you can’t afford to lose time due to IT downtime. We’ll:

  • Keep client information safe and accessible at all times, from any location.
  • Back up your files and applications to a secure cloud server for recoverability.
  • Provide onsite or remote support, whenever necessary, to keep your firm going.


Your law firm depends on having steady and stable technology to get work done, but you’ve got much better things to do than worry about fighting with technology. We’ll:

  • Keep your IT costs predictable and technology overhead manageable.
  • Protect your clients’ confidential information through proper safeguards.
  • Ensure anytime, anywhere secure access to files/applications via the cloud.

Want IT services tailored to your unique industry – fit for your unique needs? Call us at (316) 788-1372 or send us an email at solutions@onesourcetechnology.com.

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