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What Value Does Virtualization Deliver?

written by paul bush posted on November 30, 2015

Companies all over the world are making the move to a virtualized environment, in order to increase their productivity and cut costs associated with infrastructure management. For those just making the switch now, these tips will help you move your company into the digital age.

service virtualization

  • Identify Your Business Need

What makes you consider virtualization? Do you want to improve business efficiency while cutting costs? Are you looking to improve performance and eliminate the hassle and time associated with managing physical systems? Take some time to consider WHAT makes you want to leverage virtualization.

  • What Does Virtualization Encompass?

There are four main levels of virtualization designed to help you maximize the value of your resources, including:

  • Network Virtualization: Leverage a secure virtual network that lets you deliver multiple services via a shared platform.
  • Application Virtualization: Enable multiple applications to run on a single machine to drastically reduce the number of desktops/servers necessary.
  • Storage Virtualization: Access data on demand in a physical storage that’s devised of multiple network storage devices for greater space.  
  • Server Virtualization: Run multiple operating systems on a single physical server to reduce costs and consolidate resources.

You need to consider all of the types of virtualization – becoming familiar with each type, in order to choose what’s right for you.

  • Keep Operating in Times of Disaster

When you choose to move to a virtualized environment, you’re able to stay prepared for the inevitable. Instead of losing money and damaging your reputation in the event of disaster, you’re able to spin systems up at a remote site and continue working – accessing information and staying operational in times of disaster.

  • Get a Greater Return on Your Investment

Purchasing hardware as opposed to virtualizing your environment means spending tons of money on cooling, monitoring, maintaining, and supporting equipment. When you choose virtualization, you’re only paying for the resources you use and you’re able to do much more with less. Plus, you minimize the instance of costly downtime.

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