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What Are 2018’s Top Eight Legal Apps?

written by paul bush posted on September 17, 2018

As software and digital applications (Apps) continue to be developed, Internet Technology (IT) is embraced by a variety of fields that have hitherto ignored it. In law firms across the country, the old ways have been honored as traditional, respectable, and perhaps even better than modern methods. Increasingly, IT has caught up.

Best Applications For Lawyers

Digital platforms make communication and collaboration easier than ever. Accounting and billing take less time. Calendars and documents are efficiently recorded and filed. They are also easily retrieved. Sometimes, choosing the right system for your law practice is the most difficult part. Presented alphabetically, not in order of rating, here are eight of the top legal apps available in 2018.


In addition to law firms, Actionstep is suitable for use in government and corporate legal teams, as well as investigations and compliance groups. It boasts features that assist firms in running every aspect of the business.

The built-in workflow engine, however, enables firms to automate documents, emails, and other processes. This creates a more efficient business. Although it is reputedly the most complicated element of the software, it is the one that makes the $60 dollar a month fee worthwhile. Fortunately, there is a free trial and a free demo that attorneys can enjoy before committing.


Offering flexible integration with existing management products, Bill4Time accurately tracks time anywhere from any device. The billing and invoicing features include the following:

  • Billing portal
  • Contact database
  • Contingency billing
  • Customizable invoices
  • Hourly billing
  • Online invoicing and payments
  • Payment processing
  • Tax calculations

This app offers a free 14-day trial before committing. It is ideal for companies that prefer the versatility of both cloud and mobile access.


CASEpeer is case-management software designed primarily for Personal Injury Attorneys. It features campaign tracking, customizable case plans, case organization, and task management. Additionally, it provides superior document management, intake management, an integrated calendar, letter generator, as well as litigation and settlement tools. It also keeps track of data points.

A little more expensive at $55 dollars per month, CASEPeer also offers a free demo and online support.


This software provides a variety of intuitive functions. Its billing features include account tracking, document management, and expenditure tracking. It offers case and client history and management, as well as conflict resolution. Clio also boasts document indexing, archiving, and retention.

Since it is cloud-based, attorneys are able to work on their cases anywhere. The monthly rate is $39 dollars, and Clio even offers a free seven-day trial or demonstration.

Law Ruler Software

Popular with law firms of all sizes, Law Ruler focuses on the case and client history and management. Some of its unique features include:

  • Automated phone dialer
  • Drip marketing
  • Easy-to-use reporting
  • One-click “send referral” feature
  • Order medical records
  • Send text E-signs
  • A drag-and-drop editor that helps firms build an unlimited amount of intake and case forms

Taking advantage of the free trial allows attorneys to test Law Ruler to see if it is a fit for their firm.


Ideal for small law firms, MyCase offers easy-to-use management software. Among other things, this software features a secure client communication portal. It also provides assistance with billable and non-billable hours, mobile time tracking, case management, document management, task management, and court records searches.

It accounts for multiple billing rates and has a simple calendar management system, complete with programmable reminders. MyCase offers monthly and annually-billed rates.

Practice Panther Legal Software

For a low rate of $39 dollars per month, Practice Panther Legal Software manages the billing and invoicing. It handles the case and client management and history of solo practitioners, as well as small and medium-sized firms.

Other aspects Practice Panther manages include the following:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Email messages
  • Records
  • Tasks
  • Time tracking

This software also provides a client portal. It offers online support and a free demo, as well.

Zola Suite

With an intuitive and fast interface, Zola integrates with LawPay, Quickbooks, and RPost. It is cloud-based, but is also accessible through native iOS and Android Apps. Although it offers most of the features that other products supply, this software boasts its built-in email and robust business and trust accounting aspects. These include accrual accounting, activity tracking, asset gain and loss reporting, check writing, cross ledger posting, and tax management.

Zola is a bit pricier at $49 dollars per month for attorneys and $58 dollars per month for support staff. It does, however offer a free trial.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right software for your law firm does not have to be complicated. Begin by determining what features would streamline your process the most. Decide on a reasonable budget. Select from the top legal apps that meet your criteria and price point. Then, take advantage of the free trials and demos of each product. This way, you can invest your time and money in the technology that will provide the most benefit for your firm.


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