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Switching IT Companies In Wichita, KS

Considering switching IT companies to support your Wichita, KS organization? OneSource can help you overcome the anxiety of switching support companies.

written by paul bush posted on August 31, 2020

How Easy It Is to Switch IT Companies

Many business owners dread having to change IT companies. Are you one of them? This can be attributed to the risks involved.  Discover how you can make the switch simple and successful.

Businesses today rely heavily on IT because It helps them optimize their operations, lower costs, satisfy customers, and gain a competitive edge.

IT service providers offer various benefits that small and medium-sized businesses need to achieve their goals. Outsourcing to an IT service provider also helps you focus on strategic projects instead of day-to-day operations. Choosing the right IT service provider is important, as working with the wrong company may not help you achieve your goals. You may need to change IT companies if you have suffered from issues such as constant downtime, and your IT company does not help you leverage IT for a competitive edge.

Clients often ask OneSource Technology if it’s easy to switch IT companies. OneSource Technology has been providing reliable IT services and support to organizations across Kansas and Oklahoma for over 20 years.

This article will help you discover how easy it is to switch IT companies.

When Is the Right Time to Switch IT Companies?

Is it time for you to switch IT companies? Knowing the right time to make the switch helps you avoid being stuck with a company that does not help you.

Telltale signs that show it’s time for you to switch IT companies:

  • You Experience the Same IT Problems: It may be time for a change if the IT company does not fix your IT challenges. The company can offer temporary fixes or ignore your grievances. Having the same problems leads to avoidable losses and frustrations.
  • Your IT Company Does Not Ensure You Comply With Regulations: It may be time to change IT companies if your IT company does not help you comply with IT laws affecting your industry. Different sectors can have rules regulating their industry. For example, medical institutions with protected health information (PHI) transmitted or stored electronically need to comply with HIPAA Requirements and Rules. Your company may get severe penalties if you do not follow the law.
  • You Get Hidden Charges from Your IT Company: It may be time to switch IT companies if your current IT company bills you for unexpected expenses. The IT company may have been unclear on what their fees covered or did some work without approval. Hidden costs affect your budget, and you may miss essential services to offset them.
  • Your IT Company Is Not Reachable When You Need Them: It may be time to change IT companies if you cannot contact your IT company. They may have inactive communication channels, not act on your concerns, or answer your questions. Their unavailability will lead to avoidable problems and frustrations.
  • You Often Have Cybersecurity Breaches: This may be as simple as finding out your new intern has had access to organizational data. It may be time to switch IT companies if your IT company does not prioritize your cybersecurity. They may not train your employees on cybersecurity, update your measures, keep up with changing threats, or have plans for business continuity after cyberattacks. Organizations with network breaches experience financial losses, data loss, downtimes, and damage to their reputation.
  • Your IT Company Does Not Provide Proactive Support: It may be time to change IT companies if you do not get visionary IT support. The company may not identify problems or opportunities early. You may miss out on the strategic benefits of IT support and have avoidable losses if you do not get proactive support.

How Should You Go About Switching IT Companies?

Don’t rush to part ways with your current IT company. Take time to understand everything they are doing wrong so that you know what you want from your next choice.

Switch IT companies by choosing an excellent IT company and following a plan.

What are the Signs of an Excellent IT Company? IT service providers may offer similar services, but they are not the same. You need to take some time and find one that suits the unique needs of your business. Taking time to understand what your current IT service provider is not doing right will help you know what exactly to look for. Doing this also enables you to avoid choosing the same or a worse IT company.

Signs of a Reliable IT Services Provider to Be on the Lookout For:

  • The IT Company Offers a Range of IT Services: It should provide cybersecurity, cloud technologies, system design, network management, strategic planning, and more.
  • The IT Company Has Excellent Reviews: Clients should say terrific things about the establishment, primarily how it helped them achieve their objectives. You may check their reviews on search engines or social platforms.
  • The IT Company’s Staff Has the Expertise You Need: It should have qualified professionals, such as data analysts, cybersecurity specialists, network administrators, and more.

Steps to Follow When Switching IT Companies: You should follow these steps when switching IT companies once you have found a company that will serve your business’s needs.


  • Do Not Ask Your Current IT Company to Stop Providing Support: It is best to wait until you choose the new company and start getting their services. Canceling the current IT company’s services too early may deny your organization IT support, as the new company will need time to know your IT needs and offer IT support. We generally recommend 30 days of overlapping service.
  • Get Administrative Access to Your Networks: While transitions often go well, some IT companies may be too unhappy about the change and ‘ransom you’ to access them. Having full control beforehand helps you avoid issues.
  • Get Backups and Documents: The new IT company should help you get the essential documentation and backups. You may need lists of your accounts, logins, and other crucial details.
  • Ask the New IT Company to Do an Extensive Security Review of Your Network: This analysis lets you know back doors or issues you will need them to address.
  • Notify Your IT Company of the Change: Once you get services from the new IT company, notify the outgoing IT company of the change and let them handover anything they should.
  • Inform the Relevant Stakeholders, Such as Employees of the Change: This notification helps them be familiar with the new protocols and other relevant information.


Following these steps as you switch to a good IT company will help you avoid IT support failure risks, such as service gaps, unidentified backdoors, and missing data.

OneSource Technology provides reliable IT services to organizations in Kansas and Oklahoma. We offer customized and reliable cybersecurity, cloud technologies, managed IT services, and more.

Our team of specialists can help you as you easily switch IT companies. They can ensure the change is smooth and successful.

Here is what we can help you with:

  • Help you avoid downtime.
  • Require no long term agreements
  • Have no on-boarding fee or start-up.
  • Help you find another company if our services do not satisfy your needs.

Are You Ready to Switch IT Companies?

Contact us today and let us help you have a successful switch of IT companies.


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