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OneSource: Solving Data Issues with Elegance and Economy

written by paul bush posted on March 19, 2016

Datto Services WichitaYou don’t have to be a computer expert to know that if your company’s servers go down, it can be devastating. That is why we employ Datto SIRIS. Our resources and expertise are enough to ensure minimal downtime in even the worst scenarios. Let this example of how we at OneSource Technology saved a healthcare business from a technological catastrophe.

Primary Care Associates is responsible for maintaining a large swath of health records, including x-ray logs. Without access to this information, doctors cannot reliably diagnose and treat many of their patients, so when their data server went down, there was more than business or profit at risk. People’s lives were in danger. Desperate for help, Primary Care reached out to as many IT experts as they could find, repeatedly receiving the same answer. The only solution was to replace their servers. This would be a time consuming solution that would leave doctors and patients without vital records for too long.

This is where OneSource entered the scene. With a quick diagnosis, they were able to ascertain the exact problem with Primary Care’s servers. While we agreed that the server needed replacing, we were able to offer a much better solution. Using Datto, we cloned a virtual copy of their server. This immediately returned their access to the data they needed, and gave them a substantial upgrade in the process. They had been running on old equipment, so running virtual environments hosted by our modern servers essentially provided them with a hefty upgrade. Their systems were able to run much faster, improving the efficiency of their entire operation.

We helped Primary Care operate like this for three months while they carefully selected a long-term replacement package. Once they decided on the appropriate replacement equipment, we installed and implemented it. Because they could access the virtual servers while we copied their data to the new equipment, they experienced the smallest possible downtime. Now they are fully autonomous and enjoying the success their new system brings to the company every day.

One of the important takeaways from this example is the impact of the virtual Datto solution. Being able to provide a reliable short-term solution is important to prevent rash decision making. In the heat of a desperate moment many companies will opt for inferior solutions because of the pressure to resolve issues as fast as possible. The virtual solution eliminates that pressure and lets us partner with companies in customizing their solutions. With urgency removed, they can opt for future proofing that is better suited to preventing a repeat situation.

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