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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

written by paul bush posted on January 17, 2017

The Importance Of Hiring Certified IT Management Providers

It is crucial to vet managed IT service providers for experience and expertise, ensuring the capabilities that your providers can develop and maintain the technological structure you need to operate properly can safeguard your long-term productivity and success.  

Cyber security is becoming a real concern not just for large multinational corporations, but for small and medium sized businesses as well. While these companies scramble to find the latest IT talent at reasonable prices that can meet increased expectations of security to protect their enterprise. Even still, managed service providers and value-added resellers are all scrambling to meet the demand.

IT Management

When it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, it’s crucial to hire certified IT management providers to secure the efficient running and success of your business while maintaining a functional technological structure.

While certifications are designed to give you peace of mind in your chosen solutions provider, it can often be impaired in producing suitable candidates. There is often times too little of a barrier to entering the industry, followed by improper or inefficient training of personnel. Programs currently being offered to potential IT employees are sometimes diluted by efforts to gain extra revenue through trumped up certifications, rather than actually equipping professionals with the competency of real skills.

The problem of differentiating from the lack of expertise has been so severe that many tech solutions providers have taken to social media message boards to crowdsource complicated questions or networking problems. The information exchanged on these forums is often unsubstantiated, unverified and even hearsay. Often times answers to questions depend on the site used and the knowledge of those using the sites. They can also be damaging to those just starting in the industry, as they have the potential to glean misinformed information from the websites.

Though many technological entities argue for the importance of vendor certifications as a way to prevent extensive forum troubleshooting and to distinguish different levels of proficiency and expertise with different credentials.

Furthermore, certifications help to ensure that providers can both design and develop sturdy IT solutions backed by technological knowledge and expertise that makes the end customer experience more productive. A managed service provider can look to the value placed on certification to hold steady as a marker for the industry, much like apprenticeships, residencies or skills development courses are for other industries like law, accounting, and medicine.

Ensuring that any IT solutions providers you hire are certified with a well-known and respected certification standard can help to give you peace of mind that they possess the capabilities you require to develop and maintain your networks and technological infrastructure of your business. Developing a targeted “wish list” of criteria, needs and expectations can help to guide you in the research and procurement process. With a small bit of education, it’s easy to equip your business with the knowledge you need to make these important decisions.

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