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OCR to Introduce New Health Information Privacy Policy

written by paul bush posted on April 7, 2016

On March 22, 2016 the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) began an HIPAA Audit Program to monitor the level of privacy and security in businesses. The Phase 2 audit program is a forerunner for the complete program implemented by OCR, but compliance groups are presently in place to assist organization with forthcoming updates and changes.

HIPAA Computers

What is “Phase 2 Audit”?

The OCR mentions on its HHS Health Information Privacy website that they are looking to provide transparency for all policies and procedures covered by businesses and their associates to ensure compliance with Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification rules.

Awareness of necessary requirements to meet OCR standards should be a mandate for potential auditees. Luckily, all procedures and policies are outlined by the HIPAA Rules, so diligent monitors of the same should have no difficulty in understanding what is expected of them.

Whom Will They Be Auditing?

The audit will include CE’s and BA’s, their size, location and operation. OCR wants to cover a wide scope of potential auditees for a complete analysis. If any organization has a history of procedure issues they won’t be eligible for the Phase 2 audit. The audit will cover 5 sections:

  • Section 1 – Email Contact and Questionnaire for covered entities. If entities do not comply OCR will use public information.
  • Section 2 – Business Associates will undergo the same process as covered entities.
  • Section 3 – selected organizations are notified via letter with an answer expected in 10 days. CE’s or BA’s selected for desk audits must have them completed and delivered in 30 days.
  • Section 4 – Onsite Audits will be conducted within 5 days. The remainder of the process is to be completed same as section 3.
  • Round 5 – Post-Audit Follow-Ups are done to ensure compliance. Any organization found in violation will be thoroughly investigated.

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