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Looking For A World Without Wires? 

written by paul bush posted on July 29, 2015

IKEA Wants to Make That Dream Come True.

IKEA releases its new line of furniture that offers built in wireless charging for compatible mobile phones.

Office furniture


This wireless charging collection includes desks, bedside tables, and table lamps.  These hidden charging points are designed to blend in to ensure a tidy look for most homes with no more tangles of wires hanging from sockets.  This collection ranges in price from $9.99 to $119 and all of these items use the Qi wireless standard. If your device doesn’t support this, they are also selling cases for Samsung Galaxy and IPhone devices, which will allow the user to charge them wirelessly.  Is your device compatible with this wireless charging standard?  Find out by checking out this website.

Want wireless charging without buying new furniture?

IKEA has also developed wireless charging pads to ensure users can charge their device from any room in the house.  These portable pads can easily blend well with any furniture, and you don’t have to specifically buy IKEA furniture to use them.

Want to add wireless charging to your existing furniture?

Another option added by IKEA is a wireless charger, which allows users to be creative and fit the charger into any furniture of their choice.  Designed to fit easily in IKEA furniture desks (or other desks with a cord management hole).  However, this is not limited to just IKEA furniture as users can also fit this charger on their own by drilling the appropriate hole.

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