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Empower Your Firstline Workers With Microsoft 365 Licensing

Microsoft 365 F3(previously Microsoft 365 F1) empowers Firstline workers to be more innovative while working securely within the organization.

written by paul bush posted on November 7, 2021

There are over 2 billion Firstline workers in the workforce including healthcare staff, sales associates, warehouse workers, hospitality staff, medical workers teams on the manufacturing floor, and anyone who initiates the first contact with customers across industry verticals. Microsoft F1 licensing has been designed to add cloud technology to this workforce at an affordable cost.

Microsoft F1 licensing aims to help organizations communicate, collaborate, and engage with customers and employees. Empowering Firstline workers with the right technologies and tools is essential to their potential to be successful. Through the use of Microsoft’s Firstline Worker plans, your organization can streamline best practices and protect your valuable assets at the same time.

What Challenges Do Firstline Workers Face?

The onset of digital transformation continues to change the way we collaborate: Audio and video messages, virtual meetings, emails, a collaboration of digital files, and more. Unfortunately, this transformation does not always make its way into the hands of the frontline worker.  Frontline workers, the employees who interact the most with the outside world, often feel left out. This leaves organizations with a variety of challenges that impact productivity and performance. Some of the challenges that Firstline workers face include the following:

  • Outdated technology and tools and time-consuming processes
  • An inefficient onboarding and training process
  • Poor communication between teams and business leaders
  • Unclear security policies (or non-existent security policies)
  • Unable to collaborate efficiently

Build Success at the Firstline of Your Business

The majority of the workforce is comprised of Firstline workers, and they are in roles where they are the first to interact with customers. Firstline workers are also the first to see your services and products in action, and they are the first to represent your brand. Today’s technology is revamping the entire workforce and the individual and collective work experience.

Today’s digital technology is also about empowering teams to be more productive than they have ever been. In today’s digital age, your business’s success will heavily depend on your employees, the tools and resources you provide, and the employee experience you create. Microsoft has a set of licenses aimed at Firstline workers. Microsoft 365 ‘F’ plans are aimed at Firstline workers to give them the tools to address common challenges.

What Is Microsoft 365 F3?

Microsoft 365 F1 is a collection of products like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Enterprise Security + Management to create a comprehensive platform that will help organizations enhance their digital transformation. Microsoft 365 F3(previously Microsoft 365 F1) empowers Firstline workers to be more innovative while working securely within the organization. With this comprehensive platform, your organization will have the tools and resources that are needed to train employees, foster a creative and innovative environment, digitize day-to-day processes, and deliver expertise.

How Can Microsoft 365 F3 Help Firstline Workers?

The Microsoft 365 F1 licensing plan offers a cost-effective and scalable feature set for users that do not necessarily need to have the full range of cloud applications. Essentially, Microsoft 365 F1 was created for those who often work directly with clients without having to worry about the additional cost of full versions of Microsoft 365.

With Microsoft 365 F1, your organization will be able to do the following:

Minimize risks and costs related to Firstline workers

Microsoft 365 will streamline your organization’s IT management and make managing your devices and data easier and more secure.

Implement better connectivity for Firstline workers 

With better communication and collaboration, Firstline workers will feel like they are a valuable part of the organization. The messaging capabilities in Microsoft 365 F3 allow employees to share ideas and find best practices across your organization.

Stay on track with the demands of the digital age

Digital transformation continues to change the ways organizations use technology to empower employees, engage employees/customers/clients, optimize operations, and transform products and services.

Maximize the Impact of Your Firstline Workers With Microsoft 365 F3

In 2020, Microsoft announced the new ‘F’ plan that was specifically designed for Firstline workers. The goal of this change was to improve the connection between Firstline workers and the rest of the organization. This new plan extends the Microsoft 365 licensing lineup and empowers your Firstline workers with purpose-built tools and resources that allow them to do high-quality work.

  • Ensure staff can securely communicate with each other through audio calls, video calls, and chat (Microsoft Teams)
  • Make it easier for your Firstline workers to access key content and give them a single portal to access resources (SharePoint and OneDrive)
  • Manage and schedule shifts (Shifts in Teams and APIs)
  • Improve efficiency and productivity with management and planning tools (Microsoft Planner and Tasks Management)
  • Create surveys and polls easily to collect feedback and measure employee satisfaction (Forms)
  • Connect and stay organized with email, calendar, and contacts. (Exchange Online)

Organizations that continue to embrace modernizing and improving communication throughout their organization will continue to have a competitive advantage. When your organization embraces these aspects of the modern workplace, your employees will become more empowered because there will be higher levels of engagement through communication and collaboration tools. With Microsoft 365 F3, Firstline workers have the ability to:

  • Connect anywhere
  • Manage their schedules and prioritize their tasks
  • Grow and improve with continued access to training tools and resources

How Can Microsoft 365 F3 Improve Your Organization?

Microsoft F3 licensing may be the solution your Firstline workers need. The Microsoft licensing can help you integrate your Firstline workers into your tech infrastructure and equip them with the tools and resources they need to communicate, collaborate, track schedules, track workflows, and provide valuable insight that only Firstline workers can give.

Improved sales and productivity

Firstline workers will be more engaged, and this will lead to an increase in sales, improvements in customer service, and an increase in profits

Better Management

With better tools and resources, management will find new and improved ways to improve products and services

Reduced Costs

When you begin to digitize your onboarding and training processes, you can significantly reduce costs

Better Security

The right technology will bring metrics that can easily be measured, such as efficiency, turnover, and security failures

Don’t ignore the existing value of your Firstline workers and the incredible value that you can help unlock by empowering them to do their best work through Microsoft 365 F3 licensing. For more information on how Microsoft 365 F3 licensing can help empower your Firstline workers, contact OneSource Technology’s team of Microsoft experts today.

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