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Why Your Business Should Consider Investing in a Power Backup Solution

written by paul bush posted on April 17, 2017

A power backup can help save your business money – and even win over new customers!

Power Backup Solution

Whether we’re talking about summer thunderstorms or winter snowfall, inclement weather has the potential to shut down power. At home that’s an inconvenience, but in the business, it’s a serious problem that can lose you revenue, inventory and customers at the same time. That’s why it may be worth investing in a backup power system such as a company generator or similar solution. Not sure if you need one? Take a look at why backup power can prove so useful.

No Power Means A Lack of Internet Access

It’s easy to understand that you lose access to the web when the power fails, but experiencing it at your business when it actually can be a very different experience. It’s sometimes easy to forget just how much we depend on Internet services until we lose them. Does your inventory system or checkout system transmit data wirelessly or online? It won’t work. Does your company use a messaging service or app to communicate? It won’t work. Do you store data in the cloud? You won’t be able to access it. People won’t even be able to read and answer emails.

Trust us, running a company when all you have is a few hours of battery life on a phone with data service that may still be working is not fun. Access to internet services is key to today’s business. Protect your connection to the web by using a backup generator or similar power source.

Data is Sensitive to Power Fluctuations

Speaking of computers, data isn’t always safe from power outages. You may expect that surge protectors can protect hard drives from lost (and regained) power, but the truth is more complicated. Brownouts and regular surges occur in storms where power supplies are threatened but aren’t entirely disconnected. These normal power fluctuations can still harm the data you keep on connected devices.

The best solution for protecting vulnerable data is making sure that your power doesn’t flicker on and off like this. This solution is called a UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply system, a more advanced version of surge protection that often includes backup sources of power as well as current modulators that help steady out any unusual activity when power is restored. If your business depends on data and the thought of corrupted hard drives is a massive headache, think about equipping your business with a UPS solution.

It’s Far Less Expensive Than Other Options

Let’s talk about those other options. When the power fails at your company, you have a few ways to respond. You can shut down and send everyone home, which costs lost revenue and wages. You can (and may be required to) hire freight shippers and third party inventory handlers to ensure your goods are protected and that the supply chain remains unbroken, in which case plenty of extra fees will apply. You could sit around and twiddle thumbs while hoping that power comes back on, but that also leads to lost revenue. And remember, if any of your devices or data are lost, you’ll also be spending money on disaster recovery steps.

Or you could invest in a power backup solution like a generator, and forego the annoyance costs. If your business operates in an area that does tend to lose power a couple times a year or more, than this backup source of electricity can often help you save money.

Backup Power Helps Prevent Security Issues

Most of today’s commercial security devices require a steady source of power (battery powered security devices are available, but rarely suitable for a company). That means that when the electricity goes down, your security system also goes down. Naturally, that opens up your business to further risks, but it’s particularly severe for businesses that depend on security to protect their inventory or, even worse, client valuables. If security plays a significant role in your value offering, you should take steps to make sure that it won’t go down even when the worst happens.

Regulations Require Refrigeration

For any market that sells fresh foods and dairy products, a backup source of power is frequently required according to regulations. Certain foods (fruits, creams, sensitive vegetables, most mixtures in the kitchen, etc.) need to be consistently refrigerated or they may start growing unhealthy bacteria or die. They’re called perishables for a reason! So make sure that there is always backup for your refrigeration system.

Note: These are not the only compliance issues when it comes to power backup plans. You need to be sure of what the regulations are for your industry regarding power backups and what needs to be protected. On a broader note, you can’t serve customers at all if your tools don’t work so any service-oriented company may want to consider power alternatives.

The Competition Angle

It has to be said – if your business has power while your competitors are lost in the dark, you’re going to get more business…and possibly win a few permanent customers as well.

Power backup solutions work best when carefully tailored to the electrical requirements of your building and business. To learn more, contact OneSource Technology of Wichita at (316) 788-1372 or send us an email about your needs at solutions@onesourcetechnology.com.

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