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While You Were Sleeping: Benefits of Overnight Maintenance

written by paul bush posted on March 10, 2015

Paul Bush, Principal Consultant, OneSource Technology, Inc.

We’re all familiar with Windows Updates. They come out every second Tuesday of the month and are often applied to our computers automatically. But what about Adobe Acrobat, Java, and the dozens of other programs on your computer? Do you need to update them? Do we need to come out and interrupt your day by sitting at your desk and doing them manually. No! We use a sophisticated product to scan your computer for the various updates it needs, download them from the manufacturer, and either apply them in the background or after working hours. This allows us to schedule the updates at a time they won’t interfere with your workday and to make sure you get the updates you need and not ones that may not be needed. We can even schedule extremely critical updates to be applied as soon as they’re released and to reboot your computer automatically at 2:00 in the morning. All of this work, done for you, while you were sleeping. That’s what we call Hassle Free IT Support…

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