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The Benefits of Using IT Managed Services 

written by paul bush posted on October 3, 2017

Discover the many benefits of partnering up with an IT Managed Service Provider.

Managed Services Benefits

Today, many businesses are partnering up with IT managed service providers. Sixty percent of businesses use IT managed services, and that figure is expected to continue to grow. And that’s due to the many benefits from the services these professionals provide. Here’s a list of benefits to take a look at.

Control the Cost of IT

Paying an in-house IT staff is a costly venture. With IT managed service providers, you get fixed IT costs into variable costs, which allows you to budget efficiently. Companies only wind up paying for what they use and can opt to use it when they need it. Outsourcing IT task just saves companies money.

Reduce Labor Costs

Not only does it cost money to have an IT in-house staff, it costs money to hire and train. And temporary employees don’t always fulfill expectations. With outsourcing, businesses can focus on human resources in other places needed most.

Certified, Trained, Qualified and Experienced

How can you be sure that the IT employee is truly qualified for the position? With an IT managed service provider, you get a professional who is certified, trained, qualified and experienced. And if you’re planning to train an IT employee, keep in mind that certifications like Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) are very expensive.

Qualified Doesn’t Mean Experienced

No matter how much you train an IT employee, that training is isolated, and the employee may not have the right experience. An IT managed service provider sends an IT professional who is highly experienced. When you see a physician, you want one with experience right? The same holds true for IT.

Ramp Up Efficiency and Competitiveness

When companies try to do all the IT themselves in-house, it winds up being inefficient and costly in the long run. There much more time invested in implementation, research and development. And all of these costs just pass down to customers. Save on operational costs and keep your costs for services and products more affordable for customers and more competitive for your competition.

Implement the Latest Technology Fast

Technology changes as fast as lightening today. Few companies have the resources and capability of using the latest technology and implementing it fast. Handling a project in-house with the latest technology may take months to train an IT employee. IT pros from a managed provider have the skill and knowledge to implement the latest technology fast. It saves time and money.

Focus on Taking Care of Business

It’s important for companies to take care of business on a daily basis and not get distracted by complex IT decisions or problems. Trying to take care of a security breach or hardware crash takes managers away from focusing on the core business. Again, it’s a loss of valuable time and money.

Lower Business Risk

No matter what the business is, there’s always an amount of risk. Government regulations, technologies, market conditions and competition change quickly. Outsourcing IT providers lowers and manages risk by having specific industry knowledge, including compliance problems and security. Fixing these types of problems can cost a lot of money, not just in fines but in downtime. IT managed providers can help avoid risk using their base of expertise.

Level the Playing Field of Business

Many small businesses just don’t have the monies to match the in-house IT services that bigger organizations have. Outsourcing IT services helps smaller companies level the playing field with Mr. Big. The economy of scale and affordable cost structure of IT managed service providers gives smaller businesses that needed the competitive edge.

Security and Compliance

Companies can get the security needed with wire transfers, e-checks, credit cards and gift certificates. Fraud is rampant today, and companies can lose big money and their reputation with fraud. IT managed service providers are very knowledgeable with PCI compliance regulations. Businesses can minimize the risk with maintaining sensitive information along with credit card information and client data. In addition, they make sure that your firewall is up to date and a DMZ is installed. “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and Sarbanes–Oxley Act have strict rules when it comes to the retail, healthcare and financial industries.”

24/7/365 Support

Today, many companies work around the clock.  And so do their networks. With managed service providers, help is always available, whether it’s day, weekends or holidays. Companies are privy to support all the time.  All around, there are just too many benefits of partnering up with an IT managed service provider for businesses today to ignore.  While new technologies present strong opportunities for businesses, they also introduce daily challenges. Professional IT service managed companies can help your business meet those challenges.  If you’d like to learn more, contact OneSource Technology in Wichita by calling (316) 788-1372 or email at solutions@onesourcetechnology.com.

If you’d like to learn more, contact OneSource Technology in Wichita by calling (316) 788-1372 or email at solutions@onesourcetechnology.com.

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