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Switching IT Companies In Wichita

Switching IT Companies? OneSource Technology is here to help. Our team has successful helped hundreds of companies switch IT companies.

written by paul bush posted on September 7, 2020

Are You Thinking of Switching Wichita IT Companies?

Are you frustrated by the quality of support you’re getting from your IT Company? Are you considering moving on? Here’s what you need to know first.

In our personal and professional lives, it’s common to outgrow old relationships. This is especially true when it comes to your company’s IT support. Just think about it. Could your business survive just a day without your network? Sounds like a tall order, right? That’s why investing in a reliable, managed IT services provider is crucial for achieving success.

As a leading IT services company, we’ve been providing premier IT solutions to companies across Kansas and Oklahoma for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve met with many business owners that are dissatisfied with their IT support. Surprisingly, despite their long list of IT issues, they had never switched IT partners. Why? While they each had their reasons, we noticed a common reason for this. For many business owners, the biggest obstacle to switching MSPs is a lack of useful information.

At OneSource Technology, we know from experience that switching IT services providers is a demanding task. But do you know what’s even more challenging? Being trapped in an unprofitable relationship with an unreliable IT company is the more daunting prospect. You’ll end up paying expensive fees only to receive IT “solutions” that don’t really work.

However, changing IT companies is a drastic change in any business. You need to be well-informed before making the call. For that reason, We wrote this article to guide what you need to know before the switch. We take it upon ourselves to educate business owners, so they can make choices that align with their interests. So, let’s break it down for you.

Switching IT Companies In Wichita

When Should You Switch IT Companies?

There are several signs that it’s time to switch IT companies. Since you’re thinking about switching MSPs, you’ve likely noticed some of the red flags already. But just in case you missed any, we came up with a list of the most common concerns we hear:

  • You Wait Too Long for Support: Time is money. Whenever an IT setback disrupts your business operations, you lose valuable income. That means you shouldn’t have to hunt down your IT support for days to get a response. Instead, you need an MSP that’s quick to respond and deliver the solutions you need.
  • You Have Chronic IT Issues: Does it really matter how responsive your IT partner is if you need their help every other day? If you’ve been experiencing the same IT issues for a while, it’s probably because your MSP isn’t providing long-term solutions. Instead of addressing the root cause of your IT problems, it’s likely they are delivering “Band-Aid” solutions. Although it’s impossible to tell how long such “solutions” will last, you can be sure it won’t belong.
  • Your Invoices Are Filled With Hidden Extra Charges: Not only is the tech field incredibly vast, but it’s also constantly changing. Staying ahead of all the trends by yourself can be a challenge. Your IT partner’s job is to ensure you keep up with the rapidly advancing tech realm. Should they leverage this to sell you additional services you don’t need? Of course not. Every time your MSP recommends a new piece of tech, they need to describe how your business stands to benefit from it and their projected timelines.
  • You’re Not Familiar With Your IT Team: When was the last time you saw a familiar technician walk through your doors? Is it so long that you can’t remember? Whatever the case, an IT team that isn’t accustomed to your IT environment will struggle to cater to your specific needs. Your MSP should furnish your business with a steady team of IT experts with experience in your industry.

If you’ve noticed any of the above warning signs, you need to switch IT companies immediately. That said, we know that the transition process presents its fair share of challenges. How can you make sure you’re prepared?

What are the preparations you need to ensure your transition is seamless? Let’s take a close look.

How Do You Prepare to Switch IT Companies?

Changing IT partners doesn’t have to be a stressful process. There are a few measures you can take to minimize disruptions. To have a smooth transition:

  • You Should Maintain Control Over Your Network: Occasionally, some hostile MSPs assume excessive control over their clients’ networks. A common example is an IT company changing login credentials to stop a client from accessing their information. You need to ensure you have complete control over your network to avoid being held at ransom by your current MSP.
  • You Should Map Your IT: This involves coming up with comprehensive documentation of your entire IT network. Bringing all this information together will help your new IT team navigate your environment. You wouldn’t travel to a new place without a map, right? You need to record vital information like:
    • Usernames
    • Log in accounts
    • Passwords
  • You Should Set Up a Transition Period: There’s a good chance your current IT partner won’t be pleased to learn about your decision to switch. They may become uncooperative and hike their fees. To counter this, your new IT Company needs to allow room for a transition phase.
  • You Should Back Up Your Files: To avoid losing data during the transition or being held at ransom by your current MSP, make sure you have a robust back-up plan.
  • You Should Inform Your Employees: You have to communicate the change to your staff, so everyone is in the loop.
  • You Should Perform a Security Review: Your new MSP needs to review your network security and close any back doors that may be accessible to your current MSP.
  • You Should Time the Switch Appropriately: Don’t end your agreement with your current IT team until your new IT Company has settled in properly.

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