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3 Reasons Hiring Your Brother To Do Your IT Services Is A Bad Idea

written by paul bush posted on April 28, 2015

Are you trying to please everyone but shortchanging yourself in the process?

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Don’t let your business suffer because you’re trying to throw your brother or friend some goodwill – your IT service needs to be handled with expert care.

We know you’re constantly trying to balance so many things, and maybe it seems easier to just get your friend or a family member to cover your business IT services. But there are a ton of reasons why that just isn’t a good idea. It’s true that the most expensive services aren’t always the best, but you really do get what you pay for.

  • You’re Selling Yourself Short

Think about the long run here: your IT is perhaps the most crucial part of ensuring that your business runs smoothly. It guides management of tasks, contact with clients and coworkers, quality of your output, and your data security. Don’t let your IT suffer just because you’re trying to give a friend some business. Getting setup with a knowledgeable and reliable IT team ensures that you get the absolute maximum return on your IT investment.

  • Your Business Will Suffer

You know that dealing with technology issues is a huge burden; it diminishes productivity and wastes your time. Having an experienced IT team on your side means working with a strategic technology plan created specifically to meet your goals and needs.

You’ll always have the right solutions and services to keep your business running smoothly; plus, you’ll get upgrades as soon as they’re needed so you’re working with the strongest tools and always remain in line with industry compliance standards. Inexperienced friends or family just won’t be able to keep up and your business will suffer the most.

  • We Protect Your Future

The most you’ll get from your brother or a friend is basic IT, and with the constantly evolving technology landscape, that’s just not enough. You need to be protected for your business to keep thriving, and hackers are getting smarter and harder to detect than ever. We get your business set up with top-of-the-line protection and business continuity plans so that when you get hit by hardware issues or a breach, it doesn’t mean the end of your business.

When it comes to your IT, you need a reliable and knowledgeable team on your side to keep you safe and ensure you get the best return on your technology investment. Don’t settle for your brother or a friend of a friend – contact OneSource Technology at solutions@onesourcetechnology.com or by phone at (316) 788-1372

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