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Your Company Has Recently Been Purchased, Your Next Move

The majority of employees hate when their work routines are disrupted. Usually, that is the case when a new ownership group takes over a business.

written by paul bush posted on December 31, 2020

Your Company Has Recently Been Purchased, Your Next Move

Sometimes, the selling of an information technology company can catch employees by surprise. One minute, you’re working for one ownership group, then the next, you’re introducing yourself to a whole new set of suits. The majority of the workforce may not be sure if their positions are short-term or long-term. Unfortunately, time doesn’t stand still, even if your employer has recently sold the company.

Keep your reputation intact.

When an announcement that your place of employment has been sold is made, it is not uncommon for workers to feel anxious or unsure about their futures. Suddenly, your comfortable existence has been jolted, and you feel powerless about the future. But don’t fall into the trap that has captured some of your peers. Co-workers will lash out at the sudden change in management, mostly because of their fears of losing their lofty positions with the company.

This is the wrong move, as it is time to show your true worth. Yes, a new era is about to begin, but your first action after the sale is to show the new ownership group how important your expertise is to the business. Producing bare minimum results will make you look expendable in the eventual reorganization of the company. If you fail to show your value as an employee, then you will be judged as having reached a plateau in your career. Yes, the pressure of an uncertain future will grow, but your efforts to tie up all loose ends won’t go unnoticed.

Remember, the new ownership group didn’t hire you, so it has no obligation to keep you employed moving forward. But you can ensure a smooth transition will take place as your role diminishes over time. This will help keep your reputation intact within the industry.

Do your homework on the new owners.

The transition period won’t be easy, as trusted co-workers will be leaving. But you have to remember, a purchase of this nature includes acquiring talented staff members who have proven to be successful in the marketplace. Yes, changes will be made, but the information technology company’s overall infrastructure doesn’t need to go away entirely.

An adage we heard from our grandparents holds today: “You have only one chance to make a good first impression.” In the business world, you’d better act fast, or you will lose that opportunity. It would help if you had an honest assessment of the new owners before your first meeting with them. This can be accomplished by working with your network contacts and gathering information on who can and cannot be trusted. Research online to learn about their business priorities, expectations, and strategies when negotiating a deal. This information will help you be better prepared on how to act or what to say when introduced to the new ownership group for the first time.

Show your value in the workplace.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and let others decide your fate in the workplace. No, it is time to show your worth to the company. Please introduce yourself to the new owners and help them get acclimated to their new surroundings. This may include giving the group an impromptu tour of the facility. This will help to show off your knowledge of the business operations. It may open their eyes to how valuable you are to the company’s success.

Embrace all changes to your job

The majority of employees hate when their work routines are disrupted. Usually, that is the case when a new ownership group takes over a business. It is your responsibility to make a smooth transition by adapting to the changes. New owners will question every aspect of how the business is run, so prepare for procedural changes to be made. That could mean a tweak to your daily work tasks, which could increase your speed and accuracy. Be smart and stay open-minded to the changes. You might learn a new technique that helps you be more productive at your job. Recognize that change can be good.

Companies are sold every day in today’s business world. Before reality hits you in the face, it is wise to focus on your next move. But don’t set a deadline for yourself. Use the time to evaluate your options before making a final decision.

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