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Computer Network Management Challenges In 2022

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written by paul bush posted on January 22, 2022

Top Computer Network Management Challenges Companies Will Face in 2022

Your network is the cornerstone of your day-to-day operations. Whether it’s responding to an email or engaging in a video conference with a business partner, you need your network to run smoothly. The professionals at OneSource Technology manage your network so performance and efficiency are never an issue.

Computer Network Management In Wichita

What Is Computer Network Management?

Sometimes all your business needs to remain competitive and successful in a technologically driven world is to supercharge a few areas of your IT infrastructure. A planned network is essential to access speeds and security. For most companies, setting up secure connections, including account access, is a critical factor in maintaining privacy and preventing unauthorized access.

Consistent network evaluations mean improved performance, enhanced security, and uninterrupted network access. Computer Network Management involves the use and surveillance of hardware and software to ensure communication and data transfers are balanced and dependable. Different programs can be used to set up and monitor networks, and complex systems often require detailed software to manage them.

OneSource Technology has years of experience in analyzing the networking needs of companies in the Wichita and Kansas City metro areas. Our project managers, technicians, and engineers are well versed in the most advanced and up-to-date procedures, applications, and hardware. Effective project implementation takes the wrinkles out of your outdated systems and permeates life into the technology that is meant to help, not impede.

Today, networks must be able to handle the traffic that moves in various directions from more devices. While each new connection provides added capabilities, they also create new vulnerabilities that need to be managed. Employees access sensitive data from desktops and mobile devices. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are being used everywhere. Network designs and support strategies must be adjusted to address the top computer network management challenges.

Computer Network Management Challenges to Be Aware of in 2022

Network Security

Network security requires companies to make adjustments quickly in order to keep up with the new ways that users and back-end systems work. The perimeter of today’s networks is unclear, and preventing unauthorized outside traffic from the internal network is no longer suitable for protecting data. Daily threats are still making it into the network when employees respond to phishing emails and other social engineering attacks.

Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks only need to attempt connections to succeed. While encryption can help protect traffic, encryption can also make it even more challenging to monitor network activity. There are various tools that can be used to improve network security, but ensuring the tools can work together and provide a comprehensive solution is challenging, especially because some tools need increased monitoring and management.

Network Performance

Without a doubt, poor network performance is a major challenge for network engineers. Maintaining network performance is an essential part of network management because one outage can mean significant losses.

There isn’t just an overall increase in traffic; there’s more traffic coming in every direction. Without the right hardware, it’s impossible to provide the high-quality and high-speed communication needed in today’s workplaces. Also, network performance is about more than just speed. Network performance needs to be reliable as well. Network designs must be able to handle sudden increases in load and provide other routes to enable communication 24/7/365.

Configuration Management

As the size of a network increases, supervising the network configuration becomes difficult. Configuration management involves collecting and maintaining information about the network components. This information includes the network address or IP address of every device and information about default settings and which applications are installed on network devices.

Devices can clash with each other across the network. It also becomes challenging to maintain the most up-to-date rules in firewalls, and manually applying policies leads to errors and instabilities. Whenever the network requires maintenance, expansion, or needs upgrades and modifications, you can rely on the configuration management database to help you determine the best way to make changes.


Typically, a company’s available budget will rarely meet the need for network services, especially when the network needs to support traditional IT applications and conventional business services like hosted voice services and videoconferencing that require higher levels of network quality. As more core functions move onto the network, companies must make upgrades to their networks to add new capabilities and capacity.

The more functions that move onto the network, the more capable the network must be. However, improving network capability does come at a cost. Within many industries, there is a push to reduce the total cost of ownership of network infrastructure. So, companies must find ways to provide and maintain a capable network on a fixed or reduced budget.

How OneSource Technology Takes on the Top Computer Network Management Challenges

Companies are facing a multitude of computer network management challenges related to network security, network performance, configuration management, and cost. As you adapt to the changing business and IT environments, remember that OneSource Technology is here to help. We provide computer network management services and around-the-clock phone, email, and online support.

We’ll connect your servers, routers, computers, and mobile devices to keep your company connected 24/7/365. OneSource Technology doesn’t turn to a one-size-fits-all method when it comes to computer network management. Our highly trained and experienced team will design, deploy, and maintain a network that will deliver the connectivity, speed, security, and reliability your company needs. After the installation process has been completed, we will ensure that your systems and network are always running and that your business is progressing.

We are well aware of the challenges in computer network management. We have created a solid framework that provides solutions for the common challenges and we incorporate these tools into the network. OneSource Technology provides solutions that are more than equipped to handle the challenges that networks are facing now and may face in the future. We will continue to develop solutions that will improve the way that networks operate.

How are you handling your computer network management challenges? Are you facing any of the issues listed above? Are there any other computer network management challenges that you are battling? Contact us today to find out how you can overcome your computer network management challenges in 2022 and beyond.

Special thanks to the great team at Orbis Solutions in Las Vegas for their help with this article.

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