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Are You Getting Nagged By Windows 10 Nagware?

written by paul bush posted on June 9, 2016

Stop the Harassment With GWX Control Panel

If you are tired of getting update requests from Windows 10 every time you log on to your computer, you now have some recourse: It’s called the GWX Control Panel, and it may save your sanity if you are trying to stay old school on your PC.

Windows 10 Nagging

Microsoft Announces Open Season on Domain-Joined PCs

Microsoft has announced that it is basically Windows 10 open season on domain-joined PCs. GM Matt Barlow recently told the industry that Microsoft plans to implement the “Get Windows 10” app on additional devices that meet the following criteria, first in the U.S. and then internationally:

  • Devices joined to Active Directory domains
  • Any devices licensed and running Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Devices, on which updates are not managed by WSUS or SystemCenter Configuration and Windows Update service, will begin sending out consistent alerts

How Does This Affect My Windows 7 or 8.1 System?

In plain English, this means that any Win7 or Win8.1 system that is accessible to Windows updates is going to get harassed by “Get Windows 10” nagware repeatedly, for the foreseeable future. If your system isn’t running Enterprise, the installer will come directly to you — or it will be diverted to your admin via SCCM or WSUS. If you can sidestep SCCM or WSUS, you may receive the nagware installer directly.

How Can I Prevent Windows From Installing the Nagware?

If the onslaught of Microsoft nagware seems a terrifying prospect, you have a few options:

  • Manual prevention of the nagware with KB 3080351
  • Registry keys DisableGWX and DisableOSUpgrade in conjunction with GWX Control Panel (GWX actually does the heavy lifting)

It’s no secret that the IT industry has been going a bit crazy trying to keep business clients calm and collected during this latest barrage of Windows 10 update nagware. Many clients don’t realize that they aren’t required to accept the update — and that it may not be in their best interest to allow it.

Though Windows previously assured its users that settings would be available to turn off the Window’s 10 notifications, these promises never actually became a reality. Until these prevention settings become available, business owners operating older versions of Windows are advised to contact their IT servicer to determine the best course of action during this latest, very persistent round of Windows 10 update requests.

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